ISIS: Reporting From The Front Lines The Fight For Mosul.. Real War, Graphic Footage..

This video contains graphic images of live ,raw War Viewer Discretion Advised. ISIS the fight for Mosul the last area in Iraq under ISIS Control. It is also believed that ISIS Leader Al Baghdadi is hold up in Mosul. This will be the biggest attack launch by Iraqi Forces in the fight against ISIS since ISIS declared their Caliphate in June 2014. The biggest risk in this battle is the 1.5 million civilians trapped inside Mosul tonight, There’s no way ISIS will let them leave, ISIS has laid land mines and other booby traps to make sure no one escapes and if that’s not enough, Snipers are set up all around the City. No mater how you look at the politics of this War does not change the fact that 1.5 million innocent people are going to suffer the most because OF ISIS.






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